What is Immersion Blender? Is Hand Held Blender Worth It?


Immersion blender, also called hand blender, handheld blender, or stick blender, is a portable blender you hold while blending and chopping something in a container. Hence, the difference between a countertop and hand held blender is that: with the countertop blender, you put the content you want to blend in the blender container itself, whereas with the handheld blender, you put the content into a bowl and then apply the blender (which you hold in your hand) to the content.

So in essence, holding an imersion blender is a bit like holding a hand mixer, and that’s why people sometimes confuse a hand blender with a hand mixer. But they’re different, really. A hand mixer is what casual bakers use to blend the batter of cookies or cake, whereas an immersion blender, is what is used to chop, slice, whisk, or blend small food items.

In short, a hand blender functions just like a hand held version of a regular blender. The blades chop and blend the objects in the container you use it in, and the more time spent blending, the finer the finished product becomes.

Hand Blenders vs Immersion Blenders – Are They the Same?

There is virtually no difference between a hand blender and an immersion blender except for the words used.

Some argues there is a difference between them, and I admit, there are some, but they are so small you will never really notice it in your daily tasks.

I never have.

They are really one in the same and thus the terms are interchanged a lot when speaking about them. They do the same tasks, and function the same way.

Immersion blenders are also sometimes called stick blenders, because they look like stick. The stick design is actually to make holding the hand blender easier.

Is Immersion Hand Blender Worth It?

To answer this question, let’s see what a handheld blender does.

Some tasks you might use an immersion blender for, are beating egg whites, pureeing soft fruit and veggies, making salad dressing, and chopping nuts.

It’s also good for mixed drinks and the like.

One caution though, immersion blender works best for smaller portion of food.

It’s worth buying if you do the task above a lot because cleaning and setting up are quicker with a stick blender compared to the countertop one.

In short, it is an amazingly useful tool to have as it can do some of the jobs that are small enough that you do not want to get a big blender or food processor out for.

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